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Content Will Probably Never Pay My Bills

Last year I took a big step back from LinkedIn. I created content there exclusively for almost 3 years before realizing I was wasting my time. I now only post there a couple times a week and use most of my energy to create video content for my other platforms.

Why I Had to Step

Around the same time I decided to step back, I was approached to create a LinkedIn Learning course on Psychological Safety. I attended a few meetings before realizing that I, along with the other creators and educators there, were being exploited. They leveraged exposure as the main reason to participate and made it very clear that their very low, one-time payment was substantial. I bowed out of the program and began to realize that this was probably the best I was going to get from the platform.

My content has helped me connect with amazing people and allowed me to gain access to amazing opportunities but LinkedIn as a platform does very little to mitigate harassment, racism, transphobia, anti-Blackness and the like. LinkedIn has also been known to shadow ban creators who use specific language to describe harm, racism, White supremacy, anti-Blackness, etc. LinkedIn and honestly all social media platforms, don't reward people for setting boundaries around their work. LinkedIn isn't even loyal to their own creators and it's apparent.

Who Get's To Shine

Even with over 15k followers on LinkedIn and having been featured in their Pride Campaign on Instagram, I have never been on a Top Voices list or invited to any creator functions. This may be dismissed by some but many LinkedIn creators feel the same. Last year I was featured on the SARN Top Voices 2022 List by Sharon Hurley Hall (She/Her), who shared the same confusion I did whenever top voices were announced on LinkedIn.

It's exhausting to have the goal post moved consistently. New spaces are being created daily as social media and social currency become the norm but the same types of people are featured while no one like me ( Black, Sāmoan, Queer,Trans and a disabled veteran) is even approached. But you know who is ....

This picture pretty much sums up what it's like to be a Black creator.

You'll be able to see thin cis White women exploit Black culture (AAVE) and be rewarded for it.

Bills, Bills, Bills

I absolutely LOVE the work that I do and I love being able to reach people in my own creative way with information that's not readily available for most.

I do not love being asked to work for exposure, my social currency not holding the same weight as other people's and constantly seeing exploitation rewarded. It takes a lot of time and energy to create my content and I am not willing to trade that for anything or exposure (nothing). I am currently setting new boundaries around my content creation and encourage other content creators to do the same.

Remember that even with the "exposure" you still have the same amount of money you would have had if you had said no. Not every opportunity that says they are a good opportunity is a good opportunity and exposure CANNOT pay the bills. In 2023, I plan on creating less content for social media and more for my website. I deserve to be able to pay my bills and I have already paid my dues. As always, if you took anything from this piece, please support my work. 💜

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