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How LinkedIn Lost Me

I wrote a little bit about this in a previous article but this is an update on why after 3 years of posting exclusively on LinkedIn, being included in their Pride365 campaign and building a following of over 15k, I have officially decided to move on.

First, I know LinkedIn is a weird place meant to house “networking opportunities” and resume bullet points but for me it became a place I was able to easily connect with people ready to speak on injustice, discrimination, racism, along with trans and queer hostility that occurs at work. That is until, LinkedIn started showing exactly who they are.

Analytics for the huge drop in my LinkedIn content.
Analytics for the huge drop in my LinkedIn content.

Since June of last year, I saw a large dip in my reach. Lots of my followers were saying I wasn’t appearing on their feed anymore. This was around the same time LinkedIn began implementing new changes in their algorithm, features and settings.

LinkedIn’s new setting allowing “political content” to be removed from your feed.
LinkedIn’s new setting allowing “political content” to be removed from your feed.

Many creators in my circle have had the same experiences. I think the most telling part for me, is their Top Voices choices along with the choices they choose to amplify on their own page, it’s always the same types of professionals. LinkedIn has also began prioritizing TikTok stars instead of those who create exclusively on their platform.

As a writer who enjoys the ability to write in short form, it’s really hard to find a place to do this. Twitter, LinkedIn and now Substack have all shown their cards. I’m new to Medium and hope this space doesn’t disappoint me in the same way. Until then, I’ve moved most of my content to video form and on my Warm and Boundaried Community on Ko-Fi. I hope to be able to continue create in these spaces for as long as I’d like.

LinkedIn gets very little of my energy now, absolutely no exclusive content and has lost me as a consistent creator. ✌🏾

Thank you for reading through! I try to write here weekly but I write on my Ko-Fi page daily. For more stories like this and insightful conversations, join one of the membership tiers. Learn more about me and my work at the link below.

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