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My Thighs Have Always Touched

In my piece “You’re Fat.” I covered how the binary of fat and skinny has and continues to cause so much damage.

This binary causes so many to have Eating Disorders (ED), which are more common than people think and come in many different forms. I recently saw a video by Elyse Meyers on how she used to measure her body and it made me think of the ways I’ve measured my body. None of them were healthy.

I used to measure the attractiveness of my body by:

  1. How visible the gap between my thighs was

  2. If I was able to wear low rise jeans

  3. If I could fit all of my waist in my hand

  4. If I could see my feet when I stood up straight

  5. If my body, especially my stomach, didn’t fold or roll while sitting down

We have to stop pretending these measurements are attainable or healthy. When I was around 11, I watched The Laughing Samoans with my cousins and they joked about how “I knew she was Samoan by the size of her thighs”, this line made me laugh but also solidified in my child mind that people’s thighs touch and it’s okay.

The photo below shows who had no issue with this standard because of their genetics. Holding people to unattainable beauty standards, not being honest about what those beauty standards are based in and rewarding people for participating in dangerous behaviors is how these beliefs and practices continue. Stop measuring yours and other’s bodies in unhealthy ways.

Mind the Gap by the Chive
Mind the Gap by the Chive

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