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The Dangers of Melanated White People

Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley and Black, Gay Republican
Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley and Black, Gay Republican Influencer,Rob Smith
“All skinfolk ain’t kinfolk.” — Zora Neale Hurston

The quote above is a lesson I have learned later in life and unfortunately have had to learn numerous times. The amount of people who are not White who have supported the genocide in Gaza is appalling but not surprising. Anti-Blackness to include the dehumanization of anyone who isn’t of European descent is at an all time high and it coming from people that look like me, doesn’t make it any less harmful.

I wrote earlier on how several Black voices are being used to promote genocide. The dangers of these melanated White people who have the belief that violence for Whiteness will bring them fulfillment, is that they are so extremely ignorant to the fact they’re being used. Seema R is an amazing creator who covers Nikki Haley’s ignorance beautifully. They break down how Nimrata, “a brown girl”, is used to individualize systemic issues and allows space for White people to spew hate-filled, ignorant and self-centered recounts of history.

This continues to happen and unfortunately some melanated White people are surprised when their proximity to violent Whiteness gets them harmed as well. They enter violent White spaces using the same mannerisms and words believing that’s enough to keep them from being harmed from the same violent systems, beliefs, and actions. The truth is it will never be.

Entering violent White spaces with the belief that fulfillment and liberation can be found there is based in ignorance. Ignorance is harmful. The centering of Whiteness is harmful. We have to decenter Whiteness in all we do. We have to be honest about what we’re chasing. White validation is only achievable through anti-Blackness — they go hand in hand. Melanated White people either don’t know this or do know this and don’t care-- either way, they're dangerous puppets running a muck.

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