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We’re Here. We’re Queer.

This is about what the word Queer means to me.

The word Queer is being used a lot more now. I began using it last year. There are a lot of different feelings about this word and how it's being used. In this article I'll be sharing why some people may never use the word and why some, myself included, have waited all their lives for the word.

Here are some words associated with the harm described throughout:

  • Transphobia

  • Homophobia

  • Trans Hostility

  • Queer Hostility

  • White Supremacy

Lots of people will never identify as Queer.

I won't use this space to educate on the history of the word Queer. I will say the history is available to read about, full of harm and still hurts people til this day. I post frequently about my identities and have had people share their experiences and why they'll probably never identify as the same. Fredrick Royster (He/Him) commented on my post about my distain for BIPOC, POC, WOC and the like. I wrote on how I will not be speaking for other communities and he graciously shared his experiences below.

I will never be able to speak the same of the word as he does but knowing these experiences exist is how I am able to make space for those who feel differently about the word.

I have been Queer my entire life.

I never got the chance to "come out" because I’ve always been me. I shared a lot about my thoughts on "coming out" and my journey on Chris Angel (they/them) Murphy's podcast Allyship Is A Verb. Last year, I used the word Queer for the first time publicly to describe myself because I was assumed an ally. For me Queerness is the ability to move freely outside of the boxes they'd like to put us in. It's permission to love and be loved exactly as you are. I have been Queer my entire life!

Ra Ra Rollins (He/Him/His) made an amazing video describing his identities of gay AND Queer.

He made it very clear that they are both in all spaces and that their Queerness has nothing to do with his sexuality.

I am Queer AND!

I am still defining my sexuality "and" under the rainbow but I'm still Queer. There are people who may never find their "and" under the rainbow but they're still Queer. Queerness doesn't owe you anything and those who identify as Queer definitely don't owe you more than they've already given. If you took anything away from this space, please support the mission. 💜

Sources and more info can be found here.

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