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Why You’re Still a “Swiftie”

Any person, especially a White woman, who still supports Taylor Swift with 10 toes down and claims to be a “DEI advocate” or “social justice activist” will never be taken seriously by me. Their support of this entertainer tells me all I need to know about their journey in either role.

Taylor Swift's "activism"
Taylor Swift's "activism"

Let’s start with Taylor’s “advocacy” or “activism”. This multi-millionaire began her career as a country singer and has since hopscotched her way through every genre. She appropriates what she can and makes sure if she ever “speaks out” about harm being caused to communities she’s not apart of to make it as corny, bland and as profitable as possible. This way she can continue to date racists and homophobes while still appealing to her mostly White fan base.

The amount of effort Taylor puts into her activism is the amount of effort all White women want to put into their activism, all while proudly screaming “allyship”. White feminism aka White women only caring about White women is how she continues to be seen as “progressive” when in reality she’s a basic White woman who gets praised by other White women.

White and light women represent “the female dollar” and “women’s rights”.
White and light women represent “the female dollar” and “women’s rights”.

This is exactly why whenever “the female dollar” or “women’s rights” are mentioned the same White women are showcased without any mention of anyone else effected. The truth is this mediocracy is praised and expected. The idea that White women represent all women is why she has such a cult like following. I covered a lot more on this in my piece The Extremely Intentional Disconnect but you’re still a “Swiftie” because you love not being held accountable for your actions and hope that with very little change to your harmful behavior you’ll be given the same handclaps she receives.

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