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Will Trauma Dump For Funds

Inspired by Obella Obbo (He/Him), I wrote a shorter post of the same title earlier this year about how the algorithm loves a good trauma dump but only if it doesn’t make White people too uncomfortable.

In 2021, I was apart of a documentary on Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) by One Mind. I was referred to the project by the Stability Network. Only White people were involved in the process from start to finish including the other people in the film.

In my piece Whitewashed Film I cover the issues I had with the experience to include racism, anti-Blackness and homophobia. The real kicker is, I was only paid $400 for the ordeal that still haunts me til this day. $400 for people to film me talking about the most heart wrenching periods of my life with my family in my house, only to be harmed in several ways and for my identities to be Whitewashed for White digestibility.

Recently creator blacademics, Evan Mingo (They/Them), compassionately called-in, White creator Hunter Ka’imi (He/Him) for his insatiable appetite for free education from Black people. Hunter constantly uses this free education to boost his platform only to question “what more can I do?” With more free education from blacademics, Hunter bashfully acknowledged his ignorance and still pointed towards other Black and Native creators to learn from.

The expectation that the pain of anyone who isn’t White should be readily available to “learn from”, easily digestible for White people AND free is insane. The experiences and the retelling of these experiences are taxing, so the very fucking least you could do is pay us a reasonable amount. I write often about how mental health organizations don’t describe or file our experiences as trauma/traumatic and recently had a conversation with Robin Divine (She/Her) about it. Anti-Blackness is also expecting everything from Black people and giving nothing in return. The next time you demand Black experiences on a silver platter, make sure you have the funds.

Thank you for reading through! Hi, I’m K Mataōtama Strohl (They/Them). I’d love to be able to continue to share stories like this but I need your help to be able to do so. Please visit my Ko-Fi page to tip what you can .

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